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Classification Codes: A categorization (standardization) of economic activity, industries or commodities used in compiling and presenting official statistics. 

Example: Standard Industrial Classification.

The classifications are hierarchical with:

  • sections
  • subsections
  • divisions
  • groups
  • classes
  • subclasses


Click USA Trade Online to access the database. Stout Users Only

Provides United States export and import information on 18,000+ commodities presented in the Harmonized Tariff Classification System for:

  • Current month
  • Previous month
  • Cumulative year to date
  • Current year
  • Prior year
  • Annual two year
  • Historical data.

The tables that can be created by using USA Trade Online reflect either commodities that are brought into the United States (Imports) or commodities that are shipped to other countries (Exports).

Country by Commodity

To create a list of commodities for a country follow these steps:

  1. Select Country By Commodity from the Data Source Selection screen, Harmonized District Level Data section (either Imports or Exports).
  2. Click on Country (in left column; opens Geographic Regions in right column).
  3. Click on Clear All (Red X below ALL).
  4. Click on the + Plus Sign to the left of World Total to see a list of countries
  5. Select a Country:
    >>Click in a Check Box for Country (scroll down for countries)  OR
    >>Click on down arrow the Members tab (upper right)  OR
    >>Type in a Country in the search box and click on the Go button
  6. Click on Show Report link (upper right of the screen) to view the table
  7. Sort Descending - click on the Down Arrow in a Year to Date or a Year Column for Values [YTD].
  8. Commodities in descending values (highest values first) will be displayed.
  9. Value = Commodities in Dollars.
  10. Download by clicking on the Green Arrow on the navigation bar above the table
  11. Select format: Comm delimited ASCII format (*.csv)
  12. Click OK
  13. Click on Open from the prompt at the bottom of the screen
  14. The file will open in Excel as a spreadsheet
  15. Make modifications as needed
  16. To save the file, click on File/Save As

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