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Introduction to the Research Skills Development (RSD) Framework

The Research Skills Development (RSD) Framework, initiated by John Willison and Kerry O'Regan (Adelaide, AU), is a tool used to analyze and plan curriculum for the systematic development of students' research skills.  The framework is descriptive, scalable, and useful for assignment, course or program planning purposes.  

John Willison and Dorothy Missingham (University of Adelaide, AU) spoke at the Student Research Skills Symposium (UW-Stout, Dec 2015). 

Research Skills Classroom Activities



2014-2015 NTLC CoP Cohort

Sylvia Tiala, Facilitator

Kitrina Carlson, Facilitator

Anner Kerber, Faciliator

Kate Edenborg

Joan Navarre

Jessy Polzer

Marya Wilson

Kim Zagorski

Willison Workshop  |  July 2, 2014  |  UW-Stout

OPID Conference Presentation  |  April 16-17, 2015  |  Green Lake, WI

RSD Spring Workshop  |  May 26, 2015  |  UW-Stout

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2015-2016 NTLC CoP Cohort

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