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Periodical:   A journal, magazine, newspaper, or annual publication which is published at regular intervals and contains several articles.

Finding a Periodical (journal, magazine, newspaper)

Finding an Online Periodical

To determine if a periodical title is available online or to BROWSE the contents of an online journal:

  • Search in Search@UW for a specific journal title
  • If the title is listed, click on one of the database links that will take you to the subscription database. Most databases will present a list by year and/or month. Click on a link and BROWSE the articles. OR there should be a link or search box to "Search within the publication"
  • These databases are available to Stout users only.

Finding a Periodical in the University Library

Many periodicals are full text online through a subscription database; however, some are only available in the University Library.

  • Search in Search@UW for a specific journal title (If it is only in print click "Get It" to see format and location
  • Determine the format of the periodical (print, microfiche, microfilm) as indicated
  • Go to the Periodicals Collection on the 2nd floor of the University Library to locate them.
    • They are shelved alphabetically by the title of the journal or newspaper.
    • Paper format, bound volumes, and microfilm are located on the shelves.
    • Microfiche format are filed in metal cabinets at the west end of the periodicals area.
  • The Current Display Area highlights the most recent issue of select popular periodicals.