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Citation vs. Attribution

Cite any images you plan to use in a scholarly work (from print or web) according to required format style (APA, MLA, etc.)

Attribute an image/visual media source for presentations, papers, or other formats that do not require a specific publication style.

Example Citations and Attributions

MLA (for more examples see Purdue OWL):

Lastname, Firstname. Title of Work. Year. Medium. Institution housing work: Location of Institution. Website name. Website sponsor. Web. Date of retrieval.

Ofili, Chris. No Woman, No Cry - view in light. 1998. Mixed media on canvas. Victoria Miro Gallery: London. Google Arts & Culture. Google Cultural Institute. Web. 18 May 2017.

APA (for more examples see APA Style Blog:

Lastname, A. A. (Year of composition). Title of Work. [Format]. Place work resides

Ofili, C. (1998). No woman, no cry - view in light. [Painting]. Retrieved from


Try to include: Creator, title, year of creation, materials, repository information (museum, library, or other owning institution), date retrieved, website it was retrieved from

Chris Ofili, No Woman, No Cry - view in light, 1998, mixed media on canvas, Victoria Miro Gallery, retrieved 18 May 2017 from