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Resources for Freshman English with Melinda Hagenson. "Making History" research project and Library Scavenger Hunt.

Class PowerPoint Lecture

Other Helpful Research Guides

Secondary Sources: Articles, Books, etc.

Secondary sources:

  • Written about the time period you are studying
  • Include books, journal articles, reviews, websites
  • Look for words such as "history," "analysis,"  "context"
  • Narrow your results to scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources to find high-quality research-based articles

Use these links to find secondary sources from the UW-Stout Library.

Primary Resources

Primary sources:

  • Written or created during the time you are studying
  • Include articles, newspaper articles, pictures, data, letters, etc.
  • When searching, do not use words such as "history" or "article."  Instead, use a general key term, such as "education," and narrow down the dates to find what was being written about that topic during your time period