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Learn how to find information and resources in injection molding.

Injection Molding Resources

Click through the tabs above to see key resources for researching engineering technology topics from a variety of sources. 

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Research Methods

Research is based on the investigation of a topic to produce new knowledge and build upon the work of other scholars. Researching a discipline can utilize different methods. Certain methods of research which may be good for one academic discipline, may not be appropriate for another.

For your Engineering Technology topics you may use the Historiecal Method or Scientific Method.

The Historical Method uses these techniques:

  • Develop a question to investigate.
  • Gather relevant theories.
  • Construct a hypothesis, if appropriate.
    • Hypothesis definition: an idea or explanation for something that is based on known facts but has not yet been proved.
    • Example: How are robots used in injection molding of plastics products?
  • Organize evidence, verify authenticity and sources.
  • Select, organize and analyse evidence, draw conclusions
  • Communicate results, ex: research paper.

The Scientific Method utilizes these techniques:

  • Develop a question to investigate.
  • Do a backround search.
  • Construct a hypothesis.
  • Test the hypothesis by doing an experiment.
  • Analyze the data and draw conclusions.
  • Communicate results, ex: research paper.