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Other tables/reports may be created using the:

  • Harmonized Tariff Schedule/Harmonized System (HS) at either the District or Port Levels
  • State Port Level
  • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

Trade by Commodityy

To create a list of commodities for a country follow these steps:

  1. Select Trade By Commodity from the Data Source Selection screen, Harmonized District Level Data section (either Imports or Exports).
  2. Click on Country (in left column; opens Geographic Regions in right column).
  3. Click on Clear All (Red X below ALL).
  4. Click on the + Plus Sign to the left of World Total to see a list of countries
  5. Select a Country:
    >>Click in a Check Box for Country (scroll down for countries)  OR
    >>Click on down arrow below the Members tab (upper right)  OR
    >>Type in a Country in the search box and click on the Go button
  6. Click on Measures (in left column)
  7. Uncheck Quanity and Unit Price
  8.  Sort Descending - click on the Down Arrow in a Year to Date or a Year Column for Values [YTD].
  9. Commodities in descending values (highest values first) will be displayed.
  10. Value = Commodities in Dollars.
  11. Download by clicking on the Green Arrow on the navigation bar above the table
  12. Select format: Comm delimited ASCII format (*.csv)
  13. Click OK
  14. Click on Open from the prompt at the bottom of the screen
  15. The file will open in Excel as a spreadsheet
  16. Make modifications as needed
  17. To save the file, click on File/Save As

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