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Curriculum Guides

Following are primary curriculum guide sources.   

Kraus Curriculum Development Library  Stout Users Only! demo  | EbscoHost help  

(Ignore first minute or two showing old library homepage.)
To search:

  • Enter your topic in TITLE box and in the GRADE LEVEL box select adult
  • OR, use the Basic Search at the bottom of the screen.

EBSCOHost ERIC Stout Users Only  | EbscoHost help 

To search:

  • Select: Advanced Search
  • Enter your topic and CURRICULUM GUIDES
  • Select Education Level

Badgerlink connects Wisconsin residents to Ebscohost ERIC and is available through vocational-technical libraries, school libraries, and public libraries. Or, just go directly to the URL  If you don't already know about this, it's a great resource when you don't have access to Stout Library databases. To search Badgerlink, select:

  • Resources for Wisconsin
  • Then, EBSCO
  • Then, Database List
  • Then, ERIC

Worldwide Instructional Design System (WIDS) 

Computer software used to develop curriculum and assessment in Wisconsin technical colleges. The performance based instructional design system can be utilized for both education and industry. The WIDS foundation is based on learning, teaching, and learning design theories. To be used in Unit VII of your course. 

Curriculum Bank  

Available only to WTCS. All WTCS employee to join on the Curriculum homepage.  Provides a full selection of  teaching and learning tools in a variety of content areas.  Search for competencies, classroom activities, online tools, or an entire program. A few OPEN ACCESS examples are available on the homepage.


Curriculum Guide Collection

Located in UW-Stout Library's Educational Materials Center (EMC) on the 1st floor of the Stout Library, the EMC includes sample curricula from school districts, state departments of instruction, and federal agencies. K-12 is the primary focus.

To search for EMC materials:

  • Connect to Search@UW
  • Select: Limit to: Educational Materials Center