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This guide covers finding information about standardized instruments, including psychometric tests, questionnaires, inventories, and scales.

Finding Articles

When searching for articles in a database, choose keywords instead of typing in a sentence or question.  When developing keywords, identify main ideas, synonyms, and broader, narrower, or related terms. 

You may often be asked by your professor to find scholarly, peer-reviewed, or refereeed journal articles.  These types of articles are extensively researched, and are written by experts in the field of study.  They usually are centered around a very specific research study, and include a literature review with multiple references and thorough explanation of their research methods and findings.  Many of our databases have tools to limit your results to only these types of articles.  If you need help or are unsure if an article is scholarly, ask a librarian for help!

Databases for Testing Information

Stout Users OnlyUse the Articles and Databases to identify articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers. Many databases provide full text articles.  Off-Campus Access Instructions