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Database Access for Thesis-Only Students

Starting Fall 2012, thesis-only graduate students who need to do research in library databases (ex: EBSCOHost) and who have taken a graduate class within the last two years may enroll in TRDIS-700. Stout usernames and passwords will be provided for graduate students. Thesis-only students will need to contact the Graduate Studies Office, 715/232-2211 in order to receive this access.

Database Access Problem:
If access is denied when trying to connect to the library databases this may be because all Stout users are required to change their passwords once a year for server security. A Stout student e-mail account is run through a different server and so may stay active whereas the password used for other campus servers will need to be updated. To change a password go to the Stout Password Site.

Finding Scholarly Articles as a Thesis-Only Student

1. Enroll in TRDIS-700: Contact Graduate Studies Office, 715/232-2211.

2. Search for Scholarly Articles:

  • Use any UW-Stout Library databases or resources using a Stout username/password.
  • Other Alternatives
    • Find your nearest public or university library.  Ask what databases are available to you.  For example, Wisconsin residents can access databases for free via Badgerlink.  Menomonie area visitors can use our UW-Stout Library databases when they are physically in the library building.  Your local public or university library, or your state, may offer similar access services.
    • Use Google Scholar.  This specialized search engine will identify scholarly articles you would find through databases, as well as some you would not find through library databases.  See tutorial on setting Google Scholar to link to Stout Library holdings

3. Get Full-Text Scholarly Articles

  • Enrollment in TRDIS-700 also includes full access to every UW-Stout University Library resource we have legal right to grant, including Distance Education Services, Interlibrary-Loan (ILL) and UW-Libraries Direct Borrowing.
  • When you identify articles not available in full-text, you can order them through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).  Access your ILLiad account to submit a request.  You will receive an email from us once the item is located and scanned for you.  See also Interlibrary Loan for Distance Patrons.